Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Potpourri: Random Facts About Me

Five Random Facts
  1. I was born in Mary's Help Hospital in Daly City, CA. 
  2. I used to be allergic to chocolate.
  3. I learned to be competitive as a kid playing mahjong with my family. 
  4. I used to ride a scooter when I was a student at SDSU.
  5. I studied a year of college at University of San Carlos in the Philippines. 

Four Things on my Bucket List
  1. Travel to Egypt, India, China and Southeast Asia
  2. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  3. Learn American Sign Language 
  4. Do a meandering, agenda-free road trip through the American North West and Southwest

Three Things Things I Hope For This Yeas As An Educator 
  1. Keep up with grading. Aaack! 
  2. Join focused study groups with my teacher peers
  3. Find opportunities to build community within and among my classes

Two Things That Have Made Me Laugh As An Educator 
  1. Making the same mistakes as students do right after hectoring them about the same skills (being tardy, using spell check, managing priorities and time, eating in class). 
  2. Seeing myself approach stereotype status - the bumbling, socially inept nutty professor.

One Thing I Wish More People Knew About Me
  1. I'm much shyer and private than my tendency toward extraversion (ENTJ) suggests.