Sunday, November 2, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude #2: One Small Delight

Today's prompt asks me to share one small delight I look forward to everyday. There's so much too choose from. I'm glad I get to sneak peaks at the other folks who are blogging for inspiration, both in terms of content and form. Trying to make "mentor texts" a part of my own writing practice, just as I encourage the students to mine what they read for inspiration. 

One blogger reminds me of the joys of simply hanging out with our peers. Another writes about the pleasure of a daily routine, using a particular protocol to set a tone for learning and interaction that allows for autonomy. Stealing it! 

One blog struck me as one I'd like to share: Constanteaching's post on publicly recognizing excellence, the "A" for the Day Awards. My version happens in our secret Facebook page. Student post announcements that they've published their blog challenge for the week (Thanks, TeachThought for the inspiration).

I comment on early submissions by inserting a positive reaction shot image of a public or fictional figure, like the ones I've posted here. Someone they might recognize. I also urge other students to check out their peers' blogs,mentioning at least one strategy or content item worth examining. Or even emulating. Students enjoy the recognition without feeling singled-out in the class. And my feedback is substantive - about their effort as a writer. 

I never know when a student is going to post early, but
I've found the recognition encourages students to submit earlier. And students do read their peers' efforts, seeing each other as resources. What a delight to honor student voices, and to facilitate their connections.